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Hydrogeology and Environmental Consultancy

H2Ogeo – Independent Environmental Consultancy

H2Ogeo is an independent technical environmental consultancy providing a range of services to private domestic and commercial Clients in the UK.


David provides regular technical support, his scientific expertise and attention to detail, coupled with his pragmatism and applied thinking, has supported my team on a number of schemes and issues associated with the protection of groundwater quality.
Water Company Catchment Manager
David has superior expertise in many aspects of contaminant hydrogeology, I found David to be accurate and efficient in data interpretation and report writing; he is an excellent communicator of complex groundwater concepts. David worked closely with our corporate and government clients, and quickly gained their trust and confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending David’s services for any groundwater investigation or remediation project.
Principal Environmental Consultant
David is a dedicated and thorough technical person. He is always enthusiastic, up for any challenge and will provide an excellent output on any piece of work that he works on.
Environmental Regulator
David has assisted us in assessing and understanding some complex hydrogeological issues on a number of projects. His expertise and attention to detail has made him an invaluable member of our network of technical experts.
Technical Director
He is an extremely capable and highly motivated professional who strives for high quality and timely deliverables.
David is very client-focused and he will go the extra mile to ensure clients (both external and internal) meet their objectives.
Partner Environmental Consultant
David has demonstrated his ability to bring his technical knowledge to solve clients problems. David provided high quality and pragmatic hydrogeological input on projects involving establishment of hydrogeological baseline data, assessment of soil and groundwater impacts, and groundwater remediation. He also successfully engaged with key stakeholders including clients, regulators and third parties.
Technical Director

H2Ogeo is run by David Walker a Hydrogeologist based in Sussex who has over 15 years industry experience in the UK and overseas.


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