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Flood Risk Assessments

H2Ogeo provides Level 1 and Level 2 Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) for Clients throughout the UK.

FRAs are required for a range of developments within flood zones including minor developments and changes of use, sites with more than 1 hectare (ha) in Flood Zone 1, sites with less that 1 ha in Flood Zone 1 including change of use in development type to a more vulnerable class where they could be affected by sources of flooding other than rivers and the sea and sites within Flood Zone 1 that have drainage problems as notified by the Environment Agency.

Groundwater Flow & Transport Modelling

H2Ogeo provides groundwater modelling to Clients on a lump sum basis. Using indsutry recognised software H2Ogeo constructs groundwater models to test scenarios providing assurances to the Client and the Regualtory Authority.

There are many applications of groundwater modelling including hydraulic containment, dewatering design and optimisation, regional flow assessments, assessment of quarrying and impacts from development on catchments.

To discuss your modelling requirements please get in touch.

Groundwater Monitoring

H2Ogeo provides a range of groundwater monitoring solutions from strategic to point sampling. Manual and automated gauging is available and H2Ogeo will prepare a site-specific monitoring strategy and solution to deliver the information required to maintain business operations.

Processing of monitoring data is managed through a technical review and use of industry standard software ensuring clear results and detailed analysis.


H2Ogeo provides technical and regulatory advice to clients on hydrogeology and the environment. Specialising in land contamination and groundwater H2Ogeo manages and coordinates projects on behalf of its clients who range from independent contractors to leading multi-national firms.

Drawing on over 13 years’ international experience in the environmental sector H2Ogeo adopts a technically rigorous and high quality approach to ensure its standards of safety and work exceed the necessary requirements.

At H2Ogeo we keep our knowledge up to date with the latest industry standards and trends. We are trained in and use a diverse range of software to ensure the client receives the complete consultancy package from project kick off to delivery.

H2Ogeo provides consultancy on a fixed term basis, hourly and day rates direct to the client.

Tender Support/Project Contracts

H2Ogeo works with environmental professionals to ensure high quality deliverables are realised without exceeding budgets. H2Ogeo is able to add technical weight and project management experience to tenders where specific skill sets are required and to assist in the delivery of large complex projects.

H2Ogeo is available for secondments providing fixed term in-house technical support and overview to consultancies and regulatory bodies to ensure successful project delivery.

Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental site assessments are the cornerstone of modern day development here in the UK and world wide. A high quality site assessment provides the client with the relevant data to enable them to make informed decisions about their site and business.

H2Ogeo designs, plans and supervises site assessments in line with the relevant environmental legislation and guidance within a range of non-regulatory and regulatory contexts such as development or redevelopment of land under the planning regime, regulatory intervention under Part IIA of the Environment Protection Act and voluntary investigation and remediation.

In line with site assessment guidance a phased approach is adopted to ensure value for money whilst maintaining regulatory compliance and meeting project objectives.

Phase I desk studies are carried out by collating extensive sets of data and may incorporate a walk over and site visit. Based on the findings of the Phase I, a Phase II site assessment can be designed and undertaken.

With Phase II intrusive works planning is key. Throughout this process the client is kept informed on the day to day progress. H2Ogeo believes in keeping communication plain and open as it facilitates decision making in the field and reduces the overall potential for impacting project schedules.

H2Ogeo will plan, design and provide an overarching technical and project supervisory role representing you the client on site and to the regulatory authorities. With H2Ogeo providing the factual and/or interpretive deliverables it will mean the client will have a thorough understanding of site conditions on which to make their next decisions.

Site Investigations & Characterisation

H2Ogeo provides detailed site investigation and characterisation services to the client from the planning stage through to delivery and execution.

Site investigations and characterisation can form part of a Phase II ESA or be a stand alone body of work.

They can be carried out site-wide or be focused to understand particular processes and the associated potential impacts. These investigations may include step and constant rate pumping tests and analysis, slug testing, borehole yield tests, soil/water sampling, field testing and laboratory analysis.

Planning is key in addition to good communication between consultant, field staff and the client to ensure a safe working environment whilst obtaining the outcomes required to progress the project.

H2Ogeo provides a truly flexible and bespoke site investigation design and delivery service to enable characterisation of land and/or natural environmental processes taking place on or within the site.

Abstraction Licensing

H2Ogeo provides an abstraction licensing service that draws on regulatory experience combining a technical approach to ensure the right outcome for the client.

Whether you require a large scale groundwater abstraction and the associated water features survey, borehole design and regulatory negotiations or a domestic borehole where a basic hydrogeological desk study is more appropriate H2Ogeo provides the skill set required to meet the demands of the project.

Identifying the correct hydrogeology, potential “at risk” receptors and providing appropriate well design is key to a successful abstraction. The H2Ogeo groundwater abstraction package will provide the design and documentation to guide the client and regulatory authority through the process. For more information please contact us.

Conceptual Site Modelling

An essential body of work, the conceptual site model is the start middle and end of any environmental project.

Commonly used to demonstrate complex linkages or aquifer properties and behaviours H2Ogeo has extensive experience in constructing the simplest to the most complex conceptual site models and is well versed in presenting these to and on behalf of the client where required. Conceptual site models are dynamic and iterative, they evolve along with the project life-cycle and enable the client to put large sets of site data into context.

Conceptual site models (CSM) will typically commence with a desk based literature and data search to construct the preliminary design. As more information becomes available the CSM is updated and can be used to identify data gaps to drive focused investigation.

H2Ogeo has extensive experience in constructing and reviewing conceptual site models and testing their validity prior to presenting the findings to and on behalf of clients.

Contaminant Fate & Transport Modelling

H2Ogeo provides modelling solutions in relation to groundwater and contaminated land. There are a wide selection of software modelling and statistical packages available to the environmental industry to assist in understanding the fate and transport of contaminants in the natural environment.

H2Ogeo, having designed and tested the conceptual site model uses modelling packages, such as ConSim. ConSim is a software package that was designed on behalf of the UK Environment Agency to provide a means of assessing the potential risk posed to groundwater.

Where modelling is required H2Ogeo uses site specific data and literature based values  to construct the model and obtain a numerical understanding of site conditions. This is then presented to the client and regulatory authority to assist in the decision making process.

Modelling is one of the many tools that can be used and is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, therefore careful consideration is given by H2Ogeo in consultation with the client and relevant regulatory bodies prior to recommending and undertaking modelling work – ensuring the model provides real value for money.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments can be qualitative or quantitative and the level and type of risk assessment is determined by different factors including cost, environment and regulatory requirements.

H2Ogeo provides quantitative and qualitative risk assessments ranging from Basement Impact Assessments to probabilistic risk assessments for contaminant fate and transport.

Based on the relevant legislation and guidance using the industry standard toolkits, for example – Remedial Targets Worsksheet, ConSim and Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment H2Ogeo is able to provide the right solution.

By applying its detailed knowledge of hydrogeological and contaminant processes H2Ogeo delivers an informed, tangible body of work that the client is able to use to inform business critical decisions whilst meeting the needs of the regulatory authority.

One framework in which H2Ogeo applies a risk based methodology is when undertaking Basement Impact Assessments – BIA.

High prices for land and a shortage of development spaces in cities has resulted in an increase in the development and popularity of basements. These basements are used for a variety of purposes including commercial, retail and leisure as well as supplementing the domestic spaces below which they lie.

To account for the dramatic increase in basement developments and to ensure their potential impacts on groundwater are reduced certain local authorities are requesting the instigation of basement impact assessments (BIA). The London Borough of Camden has adopted Camden Planning Guidance 4 (CPG4) which provides guidance on the steps necessary to undertake a basement impact assessment.

H2Ogeo facilitates BIAs, carrying them out on behalf of the client to ensure regulatory compliance is achieved. In order to obtain permission the potential impacts associated with a basement development are clearly understood and presented to the client and relevant authorities for approval.

Fieldwork & Supervision

Fieldwork is the basis for most environmental consultancy deliverables. Ensuring a high quality of fieldwork by appropriately trained people who have the autonomy to act as decision makers in the field is a vital part of delivering a quality end product.

H2Ogeo draws on over 13 years’ experience gained in the public and private sectors, domestically and internationally to provide a suite of fieldwork skills and competencies to meet your requirements.

Understanding the current, historical and future environmental on-site trends is an essential part of site management. It enables the client to understand and meet permitting/licensing conditions and continue without business interruption.

H2Ogeo provides fieldwork services including soils and groundwater sampling, telemetry, aquifer testing, analysis and interpretation of new and existing data sets in a safe, organised manner that meets the requirements of the project objectives.

Dewatering Design & Optimisation

Dewatering design or groundwater control can play an important role in the success of a construction project.

H2Ogeo offers a design and optimisation service where dewatering (deep well/well point) systems are designed and/or existing dewatering designs are reviewed to identify efficiencies and cost savings.

There are potential environmental impacts associated with dewatering systems such as sediment loading, ecological impacts, groundwater contamination and migration and by working closely with the client and local authorities H2Ogeo assists in managing these through design and mitigation.


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