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Groundwater Modelling

Groundwater Modelling

Groundwater modelling is a predictive method for assessing the behaviour and future trends of an aquifer system.  This is a useful tool for clients who wish to understand their potentially negative impacts on the natural environment and also identify opportunities to enhance the groundwater flow regime to support their business needs.

David has significant hands-on experience of groundwater modelling and the use of MODFLOW which he brings to his clients at H2Ogeo. Modelling examples include;

Assessment of an existing hydraulic containment remediation system for a leading pharmaceuticals company. David simulated transient flow conditions at four hydraulic containment wells and calibrated levels with site data over a twelve month period. This demonstrated the efficacy of hydraulic containment and identified where changes in pumping regimes could be made to allow for seasonal flux in recharge and compliance of discharge constraints.

The use of flow modelling to design and implement a long-term groundwater monitoring system for a major construction programme. Modelling the baseline conditions for water levels and quality enabled the assessment of risk to and from future development. The model included scenarios simulating sea level rise and large scale neighbouring development. 

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