Blackpool Sea Defences Officially Opened October 2017

A scheme to reduce the flood risk to 4800 properties and safeguard Blackpool’s seafront tramway has been officially opened. Costing £27.1m the sea defence scheme also offers protection to vital infrastructure and a major pumping station.

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The project has not been without its challenges with repairs being required to sections near to the northern tie-in with Cleveleys, resulting from the recent storms and the collapse of stone foundations and concrete bases three years ago.

Protection from 1 in 200 year storm event

The project has involved collaboration across industry with three Local Authorities working together to deliver the project alongside contractors. The project will protect the area from a one-in-200-year storm event and has a planned design life of 100 years.

A video taken during the construction of the sea defence can be viewed by clicking here Source (Balfour Beatty)

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