The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010

You may require an environmental permit if your business manages or produces waste emissions that pollute the air, water or land. H2Ogeo guides the client through the permitting process providing technical expertise and regulatory advice from the outset. Checking to see if you require an environmental permit is a three stage process:

  1. Check to see whether basic rules can be followed – Advice is provided in the Regulatory Position Statements (RPS) and cover themes such as using, treating, storage and disposing of waste and discharges to water;
  2. Are there any exemptions for the activity you are carrying out such as Waste exemption: U16 using depolluted end-of-life vehicles for parts;
  3. Apply for an environmental permit if your business activity isn’t covered by the basic rules and you don’t qualify for an exemption. If your business meets the standard rules you can apply for a standard permit and if not then apply for one tailored to your business activity.

H2Ogeo will guide you through the environmental permitting process looking at the technical requirements and negotiating with the regulatory bodies on your behalf enabling a smooth transition and application.

On receipt of your permit you will most likely be required to carry out monitoring either continuously or periodically. H2Ogeo will plan your monitoring schedule and carry out the works providing you with regular updates and timely reporting to satisfy the conditions of your permit.

H2Ogeo can work with you for the life of the permit delivering technical expertise as required for you to continue operations uninterrupted.

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