Are you aware of the BGS National Geological Model?

The British Geological Survey (BGS) have constructed an accurate, multi-scalar, geospatial model of the subsurface arrangement of the rocks and sediments of the UK.

The 2D bedrock geological map of Great Britain has been extended into the third dimension with the release of GB3D and is shown as a network of cross sections through the earth’s crust.

Conceptual Modelling

H2Ogeo has found it an extremely useful tool when conceptualising geology at depth on a regional scale allowing the user to navigate intersecting fence diagrams to view stratigraphy. In December 2012 a downloadable version of GB3D was released and was updated in February 2015: National Bedrock Fence Diagram.

Understanding the national geology in a 3D context is essential for building accurate regional and spatial models. Deeper geology can sometimes be overlooked in the environmental industry but this tool puts it on the map, quite literally!

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Downloads Available

Click on the image below to download the BGS Viewer LithoFrameViewer Zip File. Alternatively Shapefiles, KMZs and specialist mapping files can be downloaded from the BGS Website.

National Geological Model (BGS) GB3D National Bedrock Fence Diagram.


BGS Groundhog is the BGS’ 3D geological model delivery webpage. It contains a professional version of the virtual borehole and section viewer and provides information about licensing geological surfaces.

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