Remedial Targets Worksheet (R&D P20) Risk Assessment for land contamination

H2Ogeo provides risk assessment services to Clients dealing with land contamination and waste issues on site. One tool that is used is the Environment Agency’s Remedial Target Worksheet.

The worksheet derives site specific remedial objectives for contaminated soil and/or groundwater to protect the aquatic environment.

It calculates the concentration of contaminants of concern that can remain on site without posing a risk to the environment. The methodology uses four assessment levels based on the source pathway receptor model for risk assessment and is based on a conceptual site model (CSM). The remedial targets approach is useful when carrying our risk assessments on brownfield developments, former waste containment sites and for designing remediation systems.

The foundation of any risk assessment is a robust CSM

H2Ogeo provides evidence-based conceptual site models combining literature derived values where necessary. The CSM evolves throughout the project life-cycle and is an iterative tool that enables focused investigation and assessment to take place saving time and money for the Client by identifying the key issues early on.

By applying a numerical solution, such as Remedial Targets, to the CSM a decision making tool is generated which can be used by the Client and the Regulatory Authority.

Whether a risk assessment is required as a result of a planning condition, enforcement action or due diligence and preparation H2Ogeo will guide the Client through the process step by step.

For more information on risk assessments please contact H2Ogeo.