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Environmental Risk Assessment

Remedial Targets Worksheet (R&D P20) Risk Assessment for land contamination H2Ogeo provides risk assessment services to Clients dealing with land contamination and waste issues on site. One tool that is used is the Environment Agency’s Remedial Target Worksheet. The worksheet derives site specific remedial objectives for contaminated soil and/or groundwater ...

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Northstowe Housing Development

In the news – Contamination identified at the Northstowe Housing Development Site (Former Oakington Military Barracks) A report in the Cambridge News provides a link to the site investigation report that has been carried out at a 10,000 housing development in Cambridge. There is comment from the local authority on ...

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Ground Source Heat Pumps & The Environment

Ground Source Heating & Cooling Contact H2Ogeo to discuss environmental risk assessments and technical requirements for installing ground source heat pumps. The Environment Agency recognises that Achieving UK climate change targets requires a massive shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy and other technologies with low greenhouse gas emissions. Ground ...

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