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Conceptual Site Models

H2Ogeo provides a range of in-house modelling capabilities including Visual Modflow, Conceptual Site Modelling and Fate & Transport. H2Ogeo adds value to projects by using modelling as a tool for augmenting existing data or designing groundwater monitoring solutions. Permitting obligations can be met through the design of effective monitoring strategies ...

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Hydrogeological Appraisals

When considering the feasibility of development it is essential to understand the hydrodynamics of your site in the context of the hydraulic catchment. Contributions to groundwater, surface water and drainage strategies are key parts of a preliminary assessment to conceptualise how development may affect the surrounding environment. H2Ogeo, through detailed ...

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Groundwater Monitoring

H2Ogeo provides a range of environmental and groundwater monitoring solutions. Based on extensive experience in the UK and overseas, H2Ogeo ensures your monitoring design strategy meets the required outcomes and delivers information in a timely and cost-effective manner. H2Ogeo uses the relevant technology to meet your project needs including automated ...

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