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Blackpool Flood Defence Scheme Opens

Blackpool Sea Defences Officially Opened October 2017 A scheme to reduce the flood risk to 4800 properties and safeguard Blackpool's seafront tramway has been officially opened. Costing £27.1m the sea defence scheme also offers protection to vital infrastructure and a major pumping station. You can read the full article at by ...

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Thames Water Ordered to Pay Record Fine

Record fine of £20 Million for pollution incidents dating back to 2013 and 2014. Thames Water has been fined £20m after pumping nearly 1.5 billion litres of untreated sewage into the River Thames in 2013 and 2014. The company admitted water pollution and other offences at sewage facilities in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Read ...

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H2Ogeo – Groundwater Modelling Services

Groundwater Modelling at H2Ogeo There are many applications of groundwater modelling in the environmental sector and a groundwater model provides you with a visual and numerical (Qualitative/Quantitative) tool for testing the potential impacts of different scenarios on the groundwater regime. There are many types of models available and the correct ...

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Regional Conceptual Modelling Tool

Are you aware of the BGS National Geological Model? The British Geological Survey (BGS) have constructed an accurate, multi-scalar, geospatial model of the subsurface arrangement of the rocks and sediments of the UK. The 2D bedrock geological map of Great Britain has been extended into the third dimension with the ...

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Construction Environmental Management Plan – CEMP

What is a CEMP? A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) is a working document that defines how a site will mitigate its potential impacts through construction on the environment and local community. A CEMP is typically developed to avoid, minimise or mitigate construction effects on the environment and the surrounding ...

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