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Hydrogeological Appraisals

When considering the feasibility of development it is essential to understand the hydrodynamics of your site in the context of the hydraulic catchment. Contributions to groundwater, surface water and drainage strategies are key parts of a preliminary assessment to conceptualise how development may affect the surrounding environment. H2Ogeo, through detailed ...

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CLAIRE Publishes Petroleum in Groundwater Guidance

Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater: Guidance on assessing petroleum hydrocarbons using existing hydrogeological risk assessment methodologies. This guidance has been prepared by a steering group led by Shell Global Solutions and reviewed and supported by the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency an agency within the Department ...

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H2Ogeo – Groundwater Modelling Services

Groundwater Modelling at H2Ogeo There are many applications of groundwater modelling in the environmental sector and a groundwater model provides you with a visual and numerical (Qualitative/Quantitative) tool for testing the potential impacts of different scenarios on the groundwater regime. There are many types of models available and the correct ...

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Brownfield Development – How much?

Site assessment and remediation is the way to go – But how much will it cost? Guidance on dereliction, demolition and remediation costs An updated version of the Guidance on dereliction, demolition and remediation costs (March 2015) has been published and is available to download by clicking here. The document ...

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Regional Conceptual Modelling Tool

Are you aware of the BGS National Geological Model? The British Geological Survey (BGS) have constructed an accurate, multi-scalar, geospatial model of the subsurface arrangement of the rocks and sediments of the UK. The 2D bedrock geological map of Great Britain has been extended into the third dimension with the ...

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