A quality desk study will save you time and money

H2Ogeo provides desk studies to clients around the world – Get in touch to find out more.

A fundamental step in all land contamination, due diligence, pre-purchase and groundwater work is the desk study. Desk studies help you ascertain potential risks associated with the land you are purchasing or indeed building on. They provide an early indicator of where budget may be required and allow you to focus your project on the right paths.

They vary massively in terms of the extent, content, detail and price – so how do you know which one is right for you and how can you ensure what you are paying for is relevant now and in the future?

The first step is to contact H2Ogeo and discuss your requirements.

Be it a pre-purchase desk study, due diligence or as a result of a planning condition H2Ogeo will size the piece of work to meet your needs.

But why use H2Ogeo when there are many providers out there?

Using a large database of information and technical interpretation H2Ogeo provides value to the reams of data available making the desk study a useful tool for you throughout your project lifespan. The weight of the desk study or size of the file makes no difference to you if the content is left up to you to interpret. That’s the job of H2Ogeo and drawing on global experience we are able to provide a personalised, technically competent report that means you have the answers at your fingertips.

So what do I get?

H2Ogeo will provide you with the raw data in addition to the report at the level of detail required to meet the needs of the project. We will process the data and present it in a manner that is easy to use whilst benefitting from the straight forward interpretation.

A typical desk study for a brownfield development required as part of a planning permission will incorporate a range of data sources and H2Ogeo will tie these into a succinct active document that will enable the first phase of a conceptual site model to be prepared.

A quality desk study with technical input creates a sound foundation for future phases of work, saving time and money by uncovering potential risks to your project at the planning stage.

For bespoke requirements and to find out more regarding turnaround time, costs and the desk study options available at H2Ogeo please get in touch.