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Shortages of land suitable for development and high house prices, particularly in the major UK cities, have caused people to consider alternatives to moving to larger properties. Basement development has become an ever increasingly popular means of obtaining more space without having to relocate.

Between 2005 and 2010 the London Borough of Camden received over 900 applications for basement developments

Scope & Design

The scope and design of recent basement developments has been impressive with everything from bowling alleys to subterranean swimming pools as well as office space and car parking solutions. With this apparent boom in underground development across the UK there have been some examples of negative impacts associated with development. These impacts can cause harm to the built and/or natural environment and local amenity, result in flooding groundwater and surface water or lead to ground instability.

Impacts such as these has caused certain Council’s and Local Authorities to introduce the need for a Basement Impact Assessment to accompany relevant planning applications.

A Basement Impact Assessment (BIA) is a risk based process consisting of several stages that H2Ogeo can guide you through.

Understanding the potential risk through conducting a Basement Impact Assessment early can save time and money later and the first step is to understand the potential risks associated with the development of a new basement. H2Ogeo carries out desk studies to enable a strategic overview of the potential risks to be understood assimilating public and commercially available data into a summary report to accompany your planning application.

H2Ogeo Delivers BIAs

Working closely with Planners, Architects and Developers H2Ogeo can provide the technical input required to assess the needs and design of the Basement Impact Assessment. This enables the characteristics of the potential impact on soils, land use, water quality, hydrology and hydrogeology to be understood. Basement Impact Assessments at H2Ogeo are a bespoke service and site specific – To discuss any hydrogeological assessments including Basement Impact Assessments you can contact us now.

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Guidance on Basement Impact Assessments provided by Camden Borough Council is available to download here:



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